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Osteopath performing diaphragm release at The Health Space

Why you need to breathe better Proper breathing with your diaphragm, through your nose, is a foundational pillar of your health. It is something we work on with all our patients because it is a central factor to many symptoms we see.  What we focus on with you is the anatomy and biomechanics of how […]

How Breathing Can Enhance Your Health

Osteopath performing thoracic mobilizations at The Health Space

As a kid I bet you were told by your parents to “stand straight!” and “don’t slouch!” Guess what… they were right… Posture has a lot to do with how you feel. The obvious relationship is between your physical body and the discomfort or pain you feel. But also your personality and how you feel […]

How Osteopathy Can Improve Your Posture and Health

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