Functional Exercise

movement through
all 3 planes

Typical strength and conditioning programs involve single plane movements such as squats and bench presses.

We have a different perspective based on the connection of muscular slings, which work together to perform the major movements - walking, running, throwing, and all movements in sports.

These movements span through all 3 dimensions. In order to improve movement, Curt does exercises with our patients that incorporate all 3 planes to challenge the muscular, fascial and nervous systems.

We believe exercise is an important part in every patient’s treatment. You need to develop core stability and learn how to control of your joints after gaining range of motion through Osteopathic treatment.

Movement based on human evolution

As humans, we evolved into a bipedal species that walks, runs, and throws.

So the exercises we will do are based on walking and throwing mechanics that better integrate and coordinate muscles in their sling systems.

Functional slings are trained rather than individual muscles.

The movements typically involve opposite legs and arms, similar to our walking pattern. This creates a more integrated connection for the body to operate in our daily lives to make tasks such as house work, physical labour, and sport easier, more efficient and injury preventative.


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