a holistic manual therapy for treating your physical symptoms.

The foundational principle of Osteopathy is that your body is ONE unit, all connected, and integrated together. Which is why we must treat it as such and look at all body systems.

Your organ systems affect your muscles & skeletal structures; and vice versa, your spinal alignment and muscles will affect your organs.

It’s all about whole body health. 

The second major principle of Osteopathy is that your body has the ability to maintain your health and heal itself. 

This requires optimal blood and lymph circulation to and from all your tissues. In addition, your body must have good communication from your nervous system to tell your muscles and organs how to heal and self-regulate. An Osteopathic Manual Practitioner helps facilitate these conditions in your body, so that your body can heal! 

Osteopathic techniques will bring balance to your body by using gentle movements

joint mobilizations & oscillations

myofascial & muscle release

lymphatic drainage

visceral (organ) mobilizations

these techniques include:

spinal alignment

increasing nerve, blood and lymphatic flow

alleviating tissue restrictions in muscles, ligaments, and fascia. 

Osteopathy increases your body’s ability to heal and function by improving:

When your body is unrestricted and has good alignment, it will be much easier for you to heal and move.

Osteopathy goes beyond healing just one injury, It’s about living in a state of health for the rest of your life. 

Living in a state of health

This is a state everyone deserves to live in and we know it is possible for you with the right tools & treatment.


The history of Osteopathy

Osteopathy was developed in the 1870s by Dr. Andrew Still as a reformation to medicine. At the time, pharmaceuticals were ineffective so he committed his life to the study of anatomy and physiology. He explored how the alignment of our body affects our overall health. He believed that correcting posture and structural asymmetries through Osteopathic Manual Therapy would allow the body to heal. Essentially, the idea is that if you create the right environment and physical structure, your body will innately heal itself. Over time, Dr. Still made a name for himself as the 'lightning bone setter'. People from all around the United States came to receive Osteopathic treatment from him for conditions that other medical doctors were unable to provide answers or solutions for.

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