Lymphatic Drainage

What is lymphatic drainage?

What is the lymphatic system?

Your lymphatic system is one of the drainage pathways in your body. You can think of it like a garbage removal system that helps you get rid of waste you don't need (toxins, metabolic waste, excess hormones, etc). If it is not flowing well, then the garbage can build up. This creates stagnation in your body, which is ultimately what leads to disease.

Lymphatic Drainage is the manual stimulation of your lymphatic system, through hands on techniques. We focus on the deep lymph vessels, including organ pumping osteopathic techniques. This goes far beyond the very light quick stokes people often think of when hearing about lymphatic drainage.

Why everyone needs to work on their lymphatic system

There are only 3 things that move lymph:
1. Diaphragm breathing
2. Exercise & movement
3. Manual lymphatic drainage

In an ideal world, the first two would take care of it. Your body is designed so that your diaphragm pumps lymph and as you exercise and move your body the contractions of your muscles stimulate lymphatic flow. 

The combination of all these things = our lymphatic systems are more burdened than they ever have been. In this modern world, we all need to prioritize our lymphatic health.

But we aren't living in an ideal world right now. 

Many people aren't breathing properly with their diaphragm.

We are way more sedentary than our ancestors.

And we are exposed toxins than ever (pollution, pesticides in our food, chemicals in tap water, pharmaceuticals, etc).

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