My treatment approach

I use a combination of classical Osteopathy, integrated with some newer treatment systems (SFMA, Neurokinetic Therapy, and functional exercises) because I find this combination to be the most beneficial.

Classical Osteopathic techniques will bring balance to your body by using gentle movements. These movements include joint mobilizations, oscillations, myofascial and muscle release, lymphatic drainage, and visceral (organ) mobilizations. This increases your body’s ability to heal and function by improving spinal alignment, increasing nerve, blood and lymphatic flow, and alleviating tissue restrictions in muscles, ligaments, and fascia. 

When your body is unrestricted and has good alignment, it will be much easier for you to heal and move.

Once we have released restrictions in your muscle, fasciae, or visceral tissue through manual therapy (osteopathy), it is essential to move within the new range of motion. This allows you to reinforce the mind body connection and imprint the new movements to the motor cortex in the brain. Without exercise, your motor control will not be permanently changed, and the effects of manual therapy alone are not as effective for you. This is why I use a combination of manual therapy followed by functional exercises with my patients.

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